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Prey key - How to Get Prey Keygen GeneratorArkane Studios’ Prey (PC) is a psychological shooter set in near future. Inhabit the body of doctor Morgan Yu and discover mysteries of your Groundhog Day-like life. Prey is a science-fiction game reminiscent of classic System Shock and more modern productions like BioShock.
Alternative timeline

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Arkane Studios’ Prey is set in an alternative history, one in which JFK survived the assassination attempt and an alien lifeform was discovered, ushering in an age of scientific advances. The space station Talos 1 is a cutting edge R&D station, devoted to studying the alien beings called Typhon. The game takes place in year 2032 of that changed timeline.
Bizarre enemies

The Typhon are smoke-like alien lifeforms capable of assuming the form of inanimate objects at will. Are you prepared to investigate oddly placed items, every motion in the corner of your eye, and fight off several nimble and hard-to hit foes before they get to you? They may be small, but they remain deadly. And they are only the smallest among their kind. What challenges await you further into the game? Can you find a way to outsmart or outgun enemies escaping the definitions of form and substance?
Open environment

Prey has an open structure, allowing Yu to freely travel around and visit any places visited before. Exploration of the levels is a big feature, and as you improve your abilities and gather or craft equipment you gain access to areas previously inaccessible. Even mission areas aren’t barred after you play through them.
Fascinating story

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